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The AV dilemma

May 6, 2011 1 comment

dear mr (or mrs or ms) politician
I sent my love to you today
by way of an X on a ballot slip
I hope it does the trick

you seem such a nice person
and your name is catchy too
so I hope there’s lots of people
that love you like I do

when the race is over
and the X’s are all counted
perhaps you’ll be the most loved
and fulfill your manifesto

but the most important X today
was not for one of many insects*
but for a weapon of mass destruction
for that of the Alternative Vote!

it’s simplicity in itself
and totally fair to boot
for if 51/100 vote for you
then that’s a majority vote
and by the laws of democracy
you win the contested seat

but if only 49 vote for you
it would mean that 51 didn’t
and under the rules of AV
their first choice wouldn’t matter
so if their second choice was the same
as each other then you’re out

which in my book is fair
and I don’t really do politics
so bring on AV
and lets wake this country up!

<<   >>

*poli ~ Greek word meaning many
*tics ~  small irritating insects


Eons Updated…

I’ve added a little more to The Eons of Eternity, including some incredible fractal artwork as illustration. Please click on the tab just above here to veiw the whole page as it currently stands. If you’d like to see more as it happens why not subscribe to the blog and you’ll automatically get to hear about it.

Thanks for reading anyway..hope you enjoy it.

The Eons Of Eternity

My recent adventure in sci-fi, namely ‘as we dream’ has been reclassified as a Project In Progress and consequently has been promoted to its own page within this blog.

It has now been entitled ‘The Eons Of Eternity’ and can be accessed and read, in its entirety (well, as entire as it may be up to the point that you read it) by clicking on said title in the  band just underneath the blog banner.

Hopefully this new format will allow me add new material as and when its ready without detracting from the natural flow of the story.

Please feel free to subscribe to Words Asunder. You will get a free email whenever anything is added, so you won’t miss a word. But above all, please enjoy.


Gratitude and Gravitation

February 25, 2011 1 comment

Felt the need to express a great deal of gratitude and apreciation to the many people that have taken time to read my ramblings and seemingly liked them so much to have left a comment and/or hit the ‘like’ button. Thank you people! 🙂
It is very heartwarming to know my writing is liked this much. Please accept my apologies for not responding to individual comments on each post as I don’t wish to clog the site up but rest assured I do see your kind words and truly apreciate them. Thanks again.

Thats the gratitude…now for the gravitation –  since I’ve started this blog I have discovered an hitherto unknown (to me) community of talented poets and writers out there in cyberspace. In this community there are several blogs that attempt to bring the scattered scribes closer together by publishing weekly prompts to nudge writers and poets into creating something to share for that week. Not only does it increase visitors to your own site, it allows others the opportunity to see a lot of creativity at once with just a few clicks and can provide a lot of inspiration.
I’m still finding my feet in blogland but I have participated in a few Jingle Pot Luck is the main one but there are others.
I’ve now just joined The Undead Poets Society too and hopefully this will further increase my web presence.

Lastly, all I can further ask is that should any of you really like what you see here then please pass it on. Law of averages say that one day, a random publisher may get to hear about me…

Thank you, beloved reader.



Just so you know…

February 3, 2011 Leave a comment

A sedoka consists of two unrhymed three-line stanzas,
each with a syllable count of 5 – 7 – 7.
Often these stanzas go at the same subject from different perspectives,
but that is not a requirement.

Now you know…

It’s not me…

February 1, 2011 Leave a comment

…in the picture I’ve just inserted into the posted poem called ‘Essence’ a little further down.

The chap in the picture is a guy called Antonio and it’s his picture. I found it on Deviantart after searching for ages to find the right image for the poem, and this just said it all. It’s even called ‘Inhale’.. totally awesome and excellent picture I thought.
I think I will carry this experiment further. I feel the blog is ready for its next stage in evolution and is need of more eye candy in the way of imagery and colour. So I’m going to hunt down more pictures for use as illustrations for my various articles and poems.
I’d be happy to showcase any shots that any of my avid readers might think appropriate to a particular post..would save me having to hunt one down. Just let me know and I’d be happy to consider a collaboration.

Thanks for stopping by. Now..wheres my pencil…


January 22, 2011 Leave a comment

It really has been one of those weeks!

Started with losing my work phone. Definitley not a happy experience in looking for it and reporting it. And I don’t like the replacement half as much plus I have still got to get up the inclination to key in all the contact numbers again.

Wednesday was always the day we were most looking forward to. Wednesday was the day we had paid for tickets last year to go and see Thin Lizzy at the Ipswich Regent!! OMFG…the REAL Thin Lizzy..well…if you can call three original members plus some new faces, minus the late great Phil Lynott, the real Thin Lizzy, then that is indeed who we were off to see.
I’ve seen a few bands in my time…many of the ‘classic’ rock bands in their heyday of the seventies and early eighties, but to my eternal regret the original Lizzy was never a band I got a chance to see. So when I got the text from Ticketmaster matter of factly informing me that the gig was postponed, you may just have an inkling of how incredibly hacked off I was about it!
As it turns out, while the staff were cleaning up in preparation they found some ‘plaster’ that had fallen from the ceiling and so Health and Safety dicated cancellation. Why couldn’t they just issue everyone with a hard hat ffs?!?!
The only saving grace is that for now it’s only been postponed, not cancelled and as long as we keep hold of the tickets they will be good for the show when it eventually plays. I’ve got a funny feeling it will just be refunded. We shall see.

To top the week off, Friday has brought me red raw, itchy, puffy and sticky eys. Two comments that particularly stick in my mind from today are ‘piss-holes in the snow’ and ‘a rabbit with myxy’ !!
It started this morning with an excessive amount of rubbing the sleepy dust away and ended this afternoon with incessant itching and rubbing and gooey green stuff, and a visit to the pharmacist at Tesco’s.
I asked her to look into my eyes and tell me what was going on.  Being of foreign descent she seemed to struggle with the diagnosis for it came out something like ‘conjonunctinunvitus’. Nine quid later and I have to dunk my eyes in eyewash and squirt droplets in them every two hours. Six hours later, they still itch like hell.

I’m not even going to bother to start telling you about the manflu and sore throat that’s been plaguing me all week…

On the brighter side of things, I managed to churn someone’s stomach with one of my poems. 🙂

I’ve also joined another Poetry forum online so a big hello to any passers by from The Poetry Pages…they’re a jolly nice bunch in there.

Over and out for now
Be happy