The modest man in me, never thought he would see, such a page as this…
But apparantly, my poetry, invokes ecstasy, and my blog brings on such bliss..

And I am actually appreciated, to the point that my ghast is well and truly flabbered!

So I’ve decided to start this page rolling as I’ve gained two ‘peer’ awards in the last week. These awards are given out by fellow bloggers when they stumble across a particular poem or article they really like, or even a complete blog which is of extra interest to them.

The first award I received was in conjunction with The Thursday Poets Rally as organised by Jingle and was
The Perfect Poet Award for week 40
I was honoured with this award by Julie Laing of ‘The Julie Book’ for my poem
My Affair With Lady Stella Her recomendation in itself would have been appreciation enough for me but the amount of positive feedback I’ve had for this poem has been overwhelming!
As part of the propogation process of this particular award it is my duty to accept it and in so doing pass it on to another blogger that I consider worthy of the title. This I was more than happy to do by awarding it to
Julian Javer aka Cyber Mushroom for his great poetry and his taste in metal!


And then today…I’m Stylish! The gloriously named Unga Bunga Girl cited me, blog anyway…as Stylish and gave me this stunning badge thing
to proudly display, so there it is! There is a certain catch with this award though.. I have to publish seven hitherto unknown facts about myself and then pass the award on to seven other highly deserving blogs. Okiedokie then, here goes:

1) I really am learning how to play the guitar.
2) I think I’m an alien
3) I want to play poker in Las Vegas
4) I can recite the Vogon poetry that starts ‘Oh Freddled Gruntbuggly’ from memory
5) Rick Parfitt once said hello to me at a gig
6) My favourite colour is green
7) I used to have a mohican haircut

As for naming seven other recipients, that’s slightly more daunting..but here goes…in no particular order..

1 – My first is for crapwife a seriously funny blog. I dare you to read it and not at least snicker..
2- Second goes right back to Ms Bunga as hers is really a nice place to read, and it’s I can’t see it in the rules that I can’t pass an award back.
3- It would just be simply wrong not to include the Cyber Mushroom if only because of his wicked chat function which I am still trying to figure out, and for his music playlist you can listen to while you kind of music!!
4- There is a special something here at Maranthas..lots to see and read..spiritual, uplifting and informative…
5- I visited a new blog (to me) last night and was immediatley captivated.. dragonkatet runs a very nice blog, loves dragons and plays world of warcraft…winer all round then..
6- Trollpants is one of the first blogs I started subscribing to..funny and clever poetry..take a look..
7- One of my first followers is Kolembo..just an awesome poet waiting to write again..

Well, I think that’s it. Thanks once again to ALL my visitors, I’m so glad you like and enjoy my meagre offerings. Please come back 🙂


April 20th 2011

Big WOOHOO’s all round as waves of appreciation come crashing in from all over cyberspace.
In a huge free for all where it seems everyone who’s in it can be awarded a recognition of some sort I was ‘voted’ for by no less than 11 appreciative readers and am therefore happy to accept and claim the following award. The poem that impressed everyone so much this time was the messenger


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