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Ode To A Forgotten Pint

April 21, 2012 3 comments

Continuing my Thetford theme, this poem laments the passing of many of Thetford’s popular drinking establishments.


I’ve supped a few pints in the Plover
and sipped the odd Rum at the Rights
it used to take all day to recover
from those hazy Thetford nights.

 I used to drink at the Bridge,
imbibing bottles of Brown,
but it’s nothing short of sacrilege
that now they’ve closed it down!

 We didn’t have to walk very far
if for a drink we were heard to clamour,
we could have a quick one in the Star
and end up at the Trowel and Hammer.

The Angel in the market long since fell
and you no longer hear The Red Lion roar
The Dolphin flounders in financial hell
– all yesterday’s pubs that exist no more.

 But the saddest sight of Thetford’s past,
is the sorry shell that was once the Anchor,
by the river where its memories cast
fading shadows drunk with anger.

 These are all pubs that I recall…
These are all pubs that have closed their doors..
that will never again be on the pub crawl,
when at ‘Last Orders’ you’d be on all fours.

 So now we’re left with the King’s Head,
The Terrier, Railway and the Green Dragon..
The Chase is great if you want to be fed
or you can drink and be merry in the Albion.

 But my friends, the point I make is this –
it don’t matter where you get your beers,
‘cos if another pub closes, it’s not the booze you’ll miss
or the kindred souls who all shout ‘Cheers!’

 It’s the cheerful greeting from a happy face
where all the people know your name;
it’s the loss of the warmth of a  friendly place
that would be the real shame!

 But think of the problem if we lived in Bury town..
Consider the moral and ponder it well..
that if one by one the pubs all closed down
and the last to go was the Nutshell

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All About Thetford

April 3, 2012 5 comments

As an unexpected return to this blog after a few months of doing other stuff please find below true value for for your time with not one, but TWO new poems for your persual…and not only that, you get to see and hear me read them too!!

The poems concern my hometown, Thetford in Norfolk (that’s in the UK, England to be precise, for the more  geographically challenged readers).

The first, Lets SoRT iT Together, was written in support of the town’s bid to become a Portas Pilot, ie to win funding to boost and develope the ailing town centre. SoRT IT is the name of the organisation set up to achieve this and stands for ‘School of Radical Thought in Thetford’

The second poem, Thetfordian Dreams, was written a few years ago and details how Thetford used to be and my love for the place.

The video of my reading of them both was taken at a local pub, The Black Horse, on March 27th 2012, at an open mic night where I was surrounded by some talented musicians and singers and I was the only poet.

Heres the video link:  Thetford In Poetry

And here’s the poems:


 Thetford’s heritage is in our heart
our blood, our mind, our soul
For together we stand, not apart,
with Thetford’s future our united goal.

The ravages of time have taken their toll
and decay has crept to our very core
as the town has lost its historic role
as business’s fold and shut their store.

Past Civic design has shown its flaw
and absent landlords care not for their ward
our lackluster precinct has become a bore
and the needs of the populace are ignored.

And then came hope.. oh how our hearts soared!
The Lady of Portas announced her Pilot prize
so SoRT iT was formed and ambition restored
and Thetford looks forward with visionary eyes.

 No longer do we hear despondent sighs
or fear there’s no future for our beautiful town
because SoRT iT sits down and supporters arise
and together we’ll work to restore our crown.

x x x X X X x x x


From the Priory ruins to Castle hill
And Joe Blunt’s lane to the river Thet;
These are the places that I never will,
As a true Thetfordian, ever forget.

 The place of my birth was Melford Bridge road,
In the long hot summer of sixty-two.
The sawmills buzzed through an endless load
Of timber that once, in Thetford Chase grew.

 The main A-11 passed through town
And Cloverfields was but green common land;
And cars were able to drive right down
Old King street where I now stand.

 Roman invaders left their mark,
Overlooking us now from Gallows hill;
A headless nun walks the bridges at dark
And the legend of the Iceni, lives here still.

 Thetford has bred many men of note,
They’ve claimed their place in our history book:
Burrell for steam and from Paine we quote,
So for future pride, to the past we must look.

 There’s not many a man, born so proud
Of his heritage and his past,
But I am, and I’ll say it loud-
I’ll love this town to the very last!

x x x X X X x x x