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The AV dilemma

dear mr (or mrs or ms) politician
I sent my love to you today
by way of an X on a ballot slip
I hope it does the trick

you seem such a nice person
and your name is catchy too
so I hope there’s lots of people
that love you like I do

when the race is over
and the X’s are all counted
perhaps you’ll be the most loved
and fulfill your manifesto

but the most important X today
was not for one of many insects*
but for a weapon of mass destruction
for that of the Alternative Vote!

it’s simplicity in itself
and totally fair to boot
for if 51/100 vote for you
then that’s a majority vote
and by the laws of democracy
you win the contested seat

but if only 49 vote for you
it would mean that 51 didn’t
and under the rules of AV
their first choice wouldn’t matter
so if their second choice was the same
as each other then you’re out

which in my book is fair
and I don’t really do politics
so bring on AV
and lets wake this country up!

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*poli ~ Greek word meaning many
*tics ~  small irritating insects

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