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confused lepidoptera

April 20, 2011 5 comments

my aquatic exertions are complete
and my body toweled dry
I leave the cloying atmosphere
and venture under starlit sky
as dark night washes over me
in a way no waters flush
a prickling rush of perspiration
cools me with a pleasant touch

high above, lepidopteran beacons
blind my nocturnal sight
if there are fluttering visitations
I cannot see them for the light
then I ponder of the bulb that falters
a spluttering staccato in silence
are the moths that gravitate there
confused by its sporadic guidance?

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dog breath

April 10, 2011 8 comments

no bedtime kisses for the pampered puppy tonight
for her breath bears an inkling of something not quite right
one moment we were talking, when she wandered out of sight
then we smell a familiar smell but we just couldn’t find the shite!

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the messenger

April 4, 2011 22 comments

no candles flickered
and wafts of incense
were not required
in the small bedroom
with makeshift table
and two padded chairs

she was soft spoken
when she greeted me
bidding me to sit
and asked me to pass
something personal
I gave her my ring

we had never met
but she knew the things
that are my essence
like only I know
from a single touch
and I was convinced

I shuffled the pack
she dealt them face up
explaining each card
there was much she told
that has since come true
the cards never lie

I rose with goodbye
ready on my lips
wait there’s more she said
standing by the door
there is someone here
who knows and loves you

he says not to worry
you’re doing just great
I was dumbfounded
unsure who spoke ‘til
she held her wrist and
said you have his watch

she could not have known
such a random fact
that in my keeping
I proudly possess
the strapless wristwatch
of my granddad Frank

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the aaaaahhh factor

April 2, 2011 8 comments

something puppy like this way comes
to crap on carpets and chew new shoes
and piss on the floor by kitchen door
but to her charm our hearts will succumb
cos  we waited too long for this happy news
and now we’re practicing sit and give paw

roll on next friday.. I really can’t wait!

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Written specifically for G-Mans flash 55 Friday but prompted by a very big and important forthcoming event in our life..the arrival of a new puppy!
Our beautiful lovely Cooper passed away almost a year ago, aged only five, after a short illness and we were devastated..

but we are now very positive, and very excited….but still very sad..

A Jedi Moment

April 1, 2011 9 comments

with hindsight I sense
I was maybe distracted
by that alka-seltzer like
friday euphoria feeling
which increased in its
crescendo as the day
gradually dissolved
towards the

my mood was abstracted
by a curious ambiance
that lingered in the air
the same way a pair of
old reeboks dangle from
an overhead phone wire
dancing and gyrating
unseen and unnoticed
unless looked

the need for sustenance
soon became paramount
once we were ensconced
in our comfortable abode
and dog-eared takeaway
menus were extracted
from the jaws of the
wild reebok hiding
in the kitchen junk

with much expedience
our choice was redacted
and relayed by telephony
to a disembodied waitress
who promised me our meal
would arrive in a half hour
which was ample time for
a few beers to re-hydrate
the dormant

hunger pangs were immense
when I answered the door
to a guy in a baseball cap
and the obligatory reeboks
clutching our food and smiling
eleven pound thirty one please
I gave him a crumpled twenty
and possibly gesticulated
something subliminal when
I suggested he called it

the force breached his defense
and stole his power to subtract
when from one pocket he took
two quid and from the other
he produced a tenner and
handed it all over to me
and in that one single
speechless moment
I was a Jedi

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