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as we dream (an adventure in sci-fi)

February 26, 2011 13 comments

the ship no longer gleams
its luster lost while warping
for eons through eternity
myriad indentations pock
the surface from many minor
impacts with space debris
and we, the last of our race,
nestled and nourished deep
within cling to our existence
as forever in stasis we hurtle
at light speed through the void
and dream of home long gone

a sentinel sensor computes
a collision with the errant hulk
of  an advancing asteroid and we,
as one asleep, are unaware
as ailing technology fails
to react expeditiously
the hull is breached and
navigational functionality
is compromised beyond
even the abilities of the
aging repair droids and the
ship begins to spin erratically
and we dream of cartwheels

the universe beckons
our vessel, helpless
in its clutches, spins
inexorably onwards
tumbling headlong to
unknown destinations
past fantastic nebulae
and cosmic coronas
and galaxy clusters in
our dreaming eyes

an attractive star system
interrupts the aerobatics
with a gravitational tug
that the powerless ship
is unable to resist
and we are dying
as systems malfunction
and our environment
is engulfed and consumed
by catastrophic conflagration
of stratospheric incineration
and we are burning in high level
entry to an alien atmosphere

the ship cannot withstand
such relentless friction
disintegration commences
spewing red hot cargo and
molten metal globules as
arcing sparkling trails of a
deathly downward dive
and we, cocooned, in our
stasis pods are ejected
and cast asunder from
the sanctuary which carried
us for eons through eternity
that can no longer sustain
our life support vitality
our pods plummet in freefall
until arrested by billowing chutes
we are the rain and snow
and the graceful blizzard of
blossom on a spring breeze
obscuring the sky as we drift
to land we know not where
dreaming of beginnings
on our strange new world.

to be continued

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This will now be continued on its own seperate page. Please see above and/or click on the link under the banner – ‘The Eons Of Eternity’


Gratitude and Gravitation

February 25, 2011 1 comment

Felt the need to express a great deal of gratitude and apreciation to the many people that have taken time to read my ramblings and seemingly liked them so much to have left a comment and/or hit the ‘like’ button. Thank you people! 🙂
It is very heartwarming to know my writing is liked this much. Please accept my apologies for not responding to individual comments on each post as I don’t wish to clog the site up but rest assured I do see your kind words and truly apreciate them. Thanks again.

Thats the gratitude…now for the gravitation –  since I’ve started this blog I have discovered an hitherto unknown (to me) community of talented poets and writers out there in cyberspace. In this community there are several blogs that attempt to bring the scattered scribes closer together by publishing weekly prompts to nudge writers and poets into creating something to share for that week. Not only does it increase visitors to your own site, it allows others the opportunity to see a lot of creativity at once with just a few clicks and can provide a lot of inspiration.
I’m still finding my feet in blogland but I have participated in a few Jingle Pot Luck is the main one but there are others.
I’ve now just joined The Undead Poets Society too and hopefully this will further increase my web presence.

Lastly, all I can further ask is that should any of you really like what you see here then please pass it on. Law of averages say that one day, a random publisher may get to hear about me…

Thank you, beloved reader.




February 24, 2011 3 comments

a murder feasts
on splattered gore
arrogantly strutting
from tarmac to
kerb to avoid
their own demise

perhaps they dream
to be vultures
descending on
savanna thermals
to the abandoned
still warm carcass
of a buffalo calf

in cold reality
they peck at
pheasant pulp
anticipating the
next roadkill
content till then
to carrion
but daring not
to dream of the
forbidden flesh
for cannibalized
oscine remains
have yet to be seen

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The Vampires Sanctum – Haiku

February 23, 2011 7 comments

through daylight I sleep
in dark casket sanctum and
dream of blood tonight

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in response to Prompt #42 at We Write Poems

Falling Tree Haiku

February 20, 2011 6 comments

tall tree once mighty
gravitates sotto voce
in abandonment

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February 20, 2011 4 comments
Accept your fate,
         it was yours anyway.

The Banquet

February 19, 2011 11 comments

On muddied banks of the flowing Galana River
at the teeming heart of Tsavos’ rolling savannah
where rising thermals ripple the distant horizon
and shimmer under the searing Kenyan sun
a banquet of poached pachyderm is served

cadaver d’elephant en marinade de quagmire

first is a spotted hyena cautious alert pricked
ears and hungry he advances unchecked and
with no resistance thrusts his head fully inside
the succulence of his supine suppers’ anus
soon the whole pack are feasting too ripping
flesh and bone and hide asunder with ferocious
ease they concentrate on softness – the belly
the mouth the genitals the pus filled wound
and soon there are gaping cavities exposing
raw innards and the hyenas now sated slink
silently away to sleep off the first course

come the dawn – come the flies in their
thousands they gather and meet upon the
mammoth manna where they crawl and
copulate and feed and drink and die and
procreate playing their unwitting part
in the endless cycle of natures’ food chain

quarter-pounder pachyburger with flies

then a leopard approaches and pounces atop
the buzzing corpse and rakes exposed neck
with extended claws perhaps pretending this was
his kill and wastes no time in eating his fill in
ignorance of the swarm of incessant pregnant flies

daylight again and only the flies, always the flies
dining and their larvae writhing in their frass
hatch with alarming alacrity  that just half an
hour after their soft-tissued elephantine
inception maggots egress and seek out secretive
sanctuary in the deepest bloodiest sanctum
of the savannah’s slaughtered son
through eye socket they squirm into decaying
brain tissue where recessed from bestial
intrusion the mass can ingest in relentless seclusion

brulée de brain avec maggot compote

a silver back jackal and his mate come quietly along
enormous ears erect they acquiesce to the alpha female
of they hyena pack and join the frenzied feeding throng
that gorges again on their claimed prize unmindful and
uncaring of the accompanying maggot mass for still the
dead hulk pulsates with life as more and more diners
arrive intent on devouring the protein rich maggots
numerous birds – larks thrushes starlings weavers peck
at the abundant supply while underfoot are beetles
lizards and spiders all eating or being eaten as the
elephant is reduced back to its component parts

finally it is done after several days of digestion even
the maggots are gone and all that remains is a ragged
hide stretched across a few gnawed bones that bear
no resemblance to the once great beast that died
on the muddied banks of the flowing Galana River.

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