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The Way I Perceive It

There is a peace in quiet thought,
When the worries of the day are past,
When all life’s problems are but naught-
Oh!  If only the moment could last!

To sit secluded in solitude,
In the warmth and comfort of home,
Invokes a welcoming interlude,
That through tranquil thoughts, your mind can roam.

But there’s another route to tranquillity you know,
You can easily tell it apart.
Play LOUD Rock, wherever you go,
And forever you’ll have, peace in your heart.

The music I hear and the words they sing,
Induce such happiness in me,
That if ever I were asked to name one thing,
It’s music that creates tranquillity.

Whether it be the ageless Quo,
Purple, Zeppelin, Sabbath or Priest,
Or any of many, from Hendrix to Rainbow,
On music does my soul truly feast.

But what is this? I hear you say,
That’s not what tranquillity’s about!
The man must have lost his marbles today,
All they do is scream and shout!

So to those disbelievers, I say to you,
Go play ‘Freebird’ and listen a bit;
A state of tranquillity will then ensue,
‘Cos tranquillity, man, is how you perceive it!


  1. January 31, 2011 at 18:37

    amazing perspective.
    Thanks for sharing..


  2. Jessica
    January 31, 2011 at 18:54

    Very good, the opening had me lulled into a false security! I agree, music soothes, whatever your type.


  3. Scent of my heart
    February 3, 2011 at 06:00

    Each of us finds peace in different places … If rock gives you peace, then Keep the Rock Rolling 🙂

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